Something to remember when choosing a sound team: "Years in this business and experience matter " Sometimes we get one chance at capturing critical audio. You better know how to do it the first time. It may be the only time.

At Roll Sound Inc., I have found that a constantly dynamic approach, coupled with my basic theory of recording sound is in fact necessary from job to job, no matter what project we are working on. In other words, things are always different, but require the same strong and basic recording ideas and practices! Use good dependable gear, Maintain it, get the mics close, record fat sound...dont over mix... don't over complicate.

I believe that a good sound team does not take the easy or lazy path while deciding how our little audio puzzle is solved. A few Mixers or sound teams sometimes take that "just throw a boom in 6 feet over the talents head" approach to their job. We are not those guys.

I am not a minimalist, Some mixers are... I try not to be surprised, left digging in my shipping cases off set in my van, holding up production in the process. Again, we are not those guys... Our gear is on the set and ready to go at any given time.....

I constantly strive to bring home the quality audio by using all of the tricks learned over the many years I have been doing this. The experience matters. You simply do not get second chances when reacting to changes in script or miking the shot. You need to know what to do NOW and it needs to work, and work well. This process is further helped by the arsenal of equipment and gadgets I stock in my comprehensive package. Again, clean, dependable, organized and modern equipment is a must.

Most important, I know what good sound, sounds like! Some people actually don't..... I am not a fan of the thin and weaselly mix....I also know when and when not to hold up production for noise that can't be controlled, or, noise that will not be a problem on the audio tracks. Nothing worse than a whining, complaining Mixer holding up production for things that in the end, won't matter.

These day's I am more often than not required to mike a shot for multiple cameras. This can be a difficult situation due to the strange perspective of shooting the close ups while at the same time shooting the wides. I have become pretty comfortable in this scenario, although we as sound guy's don't always care for it. A Lav is not always the best option....Wardrobe, or the talents action can sometimes be problematic, but we almost always work through it.

Many times while recording even what seems to be a "regular boomable shot" If background noise or other problems exist, I will offer both a boom and a radio mic option on separate tracks for the editor whenever possible. More is sometimes better..

The use of Multi-track recorders now being used by myself and many other quality mixing teams can help the workflow process in many ways. I mix TV style, a mix track or production track and then ISO or isolated tracks of the actors if needed by the editor... MUCH better than simply recording one mix track...

File based recorders allow instant access to data, financial savings in post, a higher quality of audio and, an exact back-up saved on a hard drive for that unexpected emergency. Files that are kept on our hard drives can be accessed at a later date, and either transferred to a CF card, a Hard drive, or, the files can be sent using an FTP site over the internet to the post house directly. On set, our files are simply transferred to the DIT via CF card to be placed on the Hard drives for POST..

All sound reports are now digitally produced and passed on to the DIT, then emailed to production for safe and easy storage. They are very nice and can be read easilly by everyone... for once.

I think that any good sound team should be as invisible as possible to the production crew, always being ready to go, and, being backed up with both equipment and approaches to miking any particular shot. I try to think things through and flow with the punches....

Just get us a place to park, give us a few minutes to set up, keep the generator at a workable distance, keep the set quiet, keep us informed, be practical, and the show will have good, high quality audio.... It really is that easy.....

Lastly, I take my job very seriously.... (as you can see in the photos)

I have never been late one minute, nor have I ever missed ONE day of work in 35years!!!! I'm not kidding... It's my one claim to fame..

You can depend on us to do the job right, and get there to do it.

Thanks for reading...


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