My old school Nagra case from the old days. Those are the slate stickers.

Our extensive Music Video history and facts page:

At Roll Sound Inc., we consider ourselves pioneers at what we all consider modern Music Video Playback. Sure, there were a few other guys at that time, and they did a fine job... but none with the experience and Pro audio concert sound packages we had.... Not even close.... Our lead engineers were Pro Audio concert sound engineers first, for years, then they became Motion picture sound men. They designed and built our packages to concert standards, not settling for the cheaper rented sound systems used by many at that time.

In the early "80s when Music videos hit the planet in a big way, we felt a need to give the biggest bands and most popular performers in the world what they wanted. Clean, big, and loud playback Sound Systems to help them approximate their live performance experience.

Since then we have moved through 4, yes 4 methods of performing this task. From Mono Nagra 4.2 to Stereo Time code IV-S T.C. to Time code DAT to Playback off a Mac laptop......

Through all these changes, one thing remains the same.... Give the performer what they want, clean loud music to dissappear in! And, dependable equipment to do it with. In order to get the best performance out of the performer, the music being played back must be loud enough, or it looks like they are lip syncing, not singing.

Read the article below from FILM and VIDEO May 1989, at that point we were doing 10 or so Music videos a week! That was 20 years ago!

We have sucessfully engineered well over two thousand Music Videos since that time for many of the major performers that filmed music videos.

A few of the more "popular" clips included:

Janet Jackson's "Rythm nation", Madonna's "Express yourself" and Like a Virgin", Bob Segars "Like a rock", Guns and Roses "Welcome to the Jungle" and "Patience", George Michael "Faith" and "Father Figure", Sting "Be still my beating heart" and "Fragile", Van Halen "When it's love", Meatloaf "I'll do anything for love", Prince "Diamonds and pearls", Stevie Wonder "Skeletons", Tom Petty "Free fallin", and a few hundred more....

Sadly, we no longer actively pursue the Music Video market, although we may still do one from time to time and are well equipped to do so. If you can use our services for your next Music Video, please call us.... If your shoot is for any members of the Grateful Dead, no need to even ask,  we'll do it..... For anybody else... You'll have to ask...

Like our old T-shirt from the early 80s' used to say,


Always have, Always will..........

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